Sunday Afternoon: Photo Walk

Last Sunday, after the Symphony Performance, Best Friend and I took a walk around Spokane – partly to walk off the wonderful dinner we’d had at The Onion, partly to get some fresh air, mostly to satisfy the photography itch we had.

Best Friend likes saying that we’re ‘Shooting Photons’ . . . because we’re basically shooting light. That’s what photography is.

Here are some shots I took during the walk:

Spokane Walk
Downtown Spokane


Best Friend
Best Friend “shooting photons”


Spokane Skywalk
This skywalk was interesting because it was so reflective – I didn’t realize until later that someone had tossed a sweater into the tree. . . .


I really liked the color of this flower. 🙂 It’s Spring!!!


Spokane Clocktower
A shot of the Spokane Clocktower


Night lights are pretty. :)
Night lights are pretty. 🙂


  1. Hannah Strong
    May 20, 2015

    What fun:). I have always wanted to get into photography and have always simply had too many other creative interests to take the time to learn:)

    1. Chip
      May 20, 2015

      🙂 Yes, it was fun. In the opposite way – I have never wanted to get into photography, but find myself quite enjoying it.

  2. […] as you can see below, we’ve been silly together. He’s my Ugly Shopping partner, my photographer, my thrift store buddy, and the energy in my day. He has more energy as the day goes on as I have […]


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