The Hope of an Unfinished Project

I don’t know about you, but as a crafty person I have innumerable projects that I happily began work on at one time or another … Then life happened, or I got another project idea and the old project went into storage. They are all tucked away in various corners and storage boxes waiting for

Sunday Afternoon: Photo Walk

Last Sunday, after the Symphony Performance, Best Friend and I took a walk around Spokane – partly to walk off the wonderful dinner we’d had at The Onion, partly to get some fresh air, mostly to satisfy the photography itch we had. Best Friend likes saying that we’re ‘Shooting Photons’ . . . because we’re basically

5 Reasons You Should Try Ugly Shopping

You read that right. . . I did say Ugly Shopping. What in the world is Ugly Shopping?  In a nutshell: Ugly Shopping is where you go to as many thrift stores as you like with the goal of finding an outfit that is absolutely ugly, but somehow ends up looking put together. How do

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