Wedding Rush: The Maid of Honor Dress

Wow!  Time is running out and I’m feeling the crunch.  My sister’s wedding is in less than a month! I’ve been kept so busy at work (even working some weekends) that I haven’t had time or energy to even start my dress.  But, in spite of that, I’m getting closer.  I have the fabric, I

Wedding Dress: Slow Progress

Slow, slow progress is being made on the wedding dress mockup . . . and time is ticking. I must confess, it’s making me a little nervous. 🙂 I’m trying something new to help my Sister draft the bodice pattern for her wedding dress. Or, should I say, something old. Sometime ago, I picked up

Wedding: Maid of Honor Dress Inspiration

With my little sister’s wedding set for August, there is much to do: sewing the wedding dress and my Maid of Honor dress are two of the items on the list. Until today, I hadn’t even gotten around to looking for inspiration for my dress.  We have begun the process of my Sister’s dress, and

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