You read that right. . . I did say Ugly Shopping.
What in the world is Ugly Shopping?  In a nutshell: Ugly Shopping is where you go to as many thrift stores as you like with the goal of finding an outfit that is absolutely ugly, but somehow ends up looking put together.

How do you Ugly Shop?  Here are some basic rules:

  1. The outfit must be cheap, no spending mega bucks on that horrendous shirt or dreadful skirt.
  2. It must be ugly, but somehow look put together.
  3. You must spend the rest of the day in the outfit of your (or your friend’s) choice, and preferably go someplace nice for dinner . . . still in the ugly outfit.
  4. Doing this with friends is much preferred and guaranteed to bring fun and laughter to any outing.

What does Ugly Shopping look like?  Here are some examples:

Ugly Shopping 1
 I am pretty sure that this was an authentic vintage dress, I’m believe from the 1960’s. Unfortunately, it was too small – and I couldn’t get the zipper to close in the back.
What fun it would have been to wear it!  I would have needed some awesome shoes to go with it – I’m thinking green or yellow pumps. 🙂
Add a hair scarf and dangly earrings – Ugly Shopping perfection – vintage style.

IMG_0647~2This shirt was actually picked for me by one of my best friends, Yev.  I hadn’t been able to find anything ugly – I’m used to looking for the beautiful.  He came over to show me the tie he found, reached out, and pulled this shirt off the rack.  My initial reaction was ‘ick’. But I tried it on for him.  It was perfect for our day of Ugly Shopping.  It’s a polyester Michael Kors. 🙂  With my jeans and hair, I looked kinda 70’s.  Too bad I couldn’t find bell bottoms!

20150228_194305I take credit for finding Yev’s tie. 🙂  On it’s own . . . it’s not attractive, but he paired it with this orange shirt and actually ended up getting compliments on the tie and his look!  While we were wandering around, we even had someone tell us that we ‘looked very uptown’!
The truly fun part was that we were meeting some of our friends to hang out for the afternoon – and they didn’t know we would show up ‘dressed up’.  Then we managed to talk them into going Ugly Shopping with us so we would all be ‘dressed’ for dinner!  Ah, memories.

5 Reasons You should try Ugly Shopping:

  1. Laughter is good for your health, and Ugly Shopping is sure to bring laughter.
  2. It’s a hilarious group activity.
  3. Ugly Shopping doesn’t allow you to stay in your box.
  4. It encourages creativity – you don’t know how challenging Ugly Shopping can be until you’ve tried it.
  5. Wonderful Memories!
Ready to try it?  Let me know how your Ugly Shopping experience goes and I would love to see pictures!  You can even use the hashtag #IHeartUglyShopping

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