When I was very little, I remember mom pulling out the sewing machine and teaching me to use it. My sister and I loved crafts and creating things, so this was a new facet to that passion.
Mom didn’t make me sew certain projects or measure up to a certain standard. She simply provided the material, basic instructions and the freedom to create.That sewing machine and I created a lot of things – from small teddy bears and a doll family to doll clothes and more.
With every project, my skills grew. With every mistake, I learned more. I am thankful that Mom gave me that opportunity. Now as I look back, I realize that I have learned so much from sewing — not only about sewing but about life. Most of the time when you ask someone why they do something, you get answers like, “I enjoy it.” or “It’s fun.” While those things are true of me, there are deeper, more unusual reasons why I continue to pursue sewing.

1. Sewing gives me a sense of accomplishment.

There is something deeply satisfying about holding a finished project in my hands. Especially if it provided a challenge that I had to overcome.

Regardless of what you sew, be it a quilt, baby blanket, dress, or even a wedding dress … it’s work you can be proud of. No matter how simple or complicated, it has a special value because you made it.

2. Sewing teaches me to keep trying.

There are days where it feels like the seam ripper is part of my hand. Does that happen to you too? They aren’t my favorite because it feels like everything is going wrong with my sewing. The moment I think I’ve got it, I find another mistake that I have to undo.

But the thing is … running into those mistakes and challenges teaches me to keep trying. I know the end result I am looking for and a mistake is only a learning opportunity along the way. So, I don’t give up. I keep trying.

3. Sewing exercises my problem solving skills.

This goes hand in hand with the previous reason. I am going to run into trouble or make a mistake while sewing. It happens. Sometimes it’s an easy fix, but other times I have to step away from my sewing to think it through and problem solve.

The more I do this, the better I get at figuring out how to beat the problems I have encountered in my sewing. But it also builds my problem solving skills for life. In my book, that’s a bonus.

4. Sewing encourages creativity.

When I make something myself, I have the opportunity to make it mine. To give it something special that makes it completely unique and one of a kind.

While I may use sewing patterns or follow someone’s tutorial, I can use fabric of my choice or alter details as I wish. I can add things or take them away or even do something completely new with it! In this way, sewing is never boring and it grows my creativity.

5. I want to pass on the gift of sewing to my children.

In the same way my mom taught me the basics of sewing, I want to give my children the opportunity to learn as well. Not only sewing skills, but the very life skills that I have talked about above.

Creativity, problem-solving, the will to keep trying, and the sense of accomplishment. It is those things that I want them to experience and learn. Those things that I want to pass down to them.

If they choose not to continue sewing, that’s ok. They will still have the skills they have learned from it — both the practical skills and the life skills.

Sewing is also a way that I can spend time with my children. A way to invest in their lives and create memories together.

‘Sew’ Much More

There are many more reasons to sew than those I have shared with you!

What are some of the unusual reasons you sew? I’d love to hear them!


Sewing is fun! Is that why you sew or do you have some of these deeper, more unusual reasons for sewing? Click through to find out.

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