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The Deanna Top, Sweater, and dress from Made for Mermaids is here! With two stylish neckline options, this is such a fun sweater to make. I made two cowl-neck versions and an asymmetrical version and (surprisingly) love them!

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Why do I say surprisingly? Because I’ve never, ever, worn off-shoulder styles. When Deanna first came up for testing, I thought it was tremendously cute and decided to give it a try and see what I thought.

It’s now one of my favorite sweaters!

I love both the cowl and the asymmetrical version in sweater lengths! I think it’s the first time I’ve made both (multiple) versions of a pattern before the release. The Deanna sweater really is <3.

About The Deanna Sweater

The Deanna Top, Sweater, and Dress has a cowl version and an asymmetrical neckline version. Both are classy and cute! The dolman style of this pattern makes it easy to sew. With options for short or long sleeves, it is great for all seasons.

The pattern is available in women’s and girl’s sizes. It’s great for sweater knits, french terry, and light weight to medium weight knits. I’d love to use bamboo spandex for summer.

My First Deanna

For my first cowl version of Deanna, I used a sweater knit I had picked up at Walmart for $1/yard.

Since Deanna is fitted at the overbust, loose at the bust, and fitted at the waist. I chose my size based on my overbust measurement, which was a size smaller than my bust measurement. I then graded the pattern to my smaller hip size. I love being able to grade sizes because the fit is so much better. Before the world of PDF patterns, I never knew about grading between sizes for fit. Made for Mermaids has a diagram in each pattern with tips for this. I’m very visual, so I love this about their patterns!

I adjusted the bodice for height (a very normal adjustment for me- Tall people problems). I added too much height this time, so I ended up taking a deeper hem, which worked perfectly. During testing, the neckline on this version was just a bit too loose. That’s why we test! Catherine Muzzatti, the designer, adjusted the neckline through the next version to achieve the perfect fit. Fabric choice can also make a difference!

Since I loved this version and wanted to use it (but didn’t need it falling down so everything was visible!), I took some 1/4″ elastic and stitched it along the neckline seam to tighten it up. It was the perfect fix!

My Second Deanna

After Catherine made the adjustments to the neckline, I made a second cowl-version Deanna. This time, I used this gorgeous sparkle sweater knit from Pretty Posh Prints. I adore this fabric! It is so soft on the inside. Some sparkle fabrics are a bit scratchy, but this one is not! The sparkle doesn’t show well in the photos, but it’s really gorgeous.

The neckline on this was also a bit too loose, and Catherine adjusted it more after I made it. It’s a delicate balance getting it just right and not too tight. After her final adjustments, I made another hacked version that I’m going to share in a future post — and the neckline on that one is perfect!

This sweater is seriously so comfy! I love dressing it down with jeans or dressing it up with a pencil skirt. It’s so classy.

Asymmetrical Version

I saw so many gorgeous versions of the Asymmetrical Deanna that I just had to make on for myself! I have had a yard of this gorgeous scuba sitting on my shelf and I was trying to figure out what to use it for. I love it for this top!

Go figure that I would make a short sleeve, off shoulder top right before Snowmageddon hit the Pacific Northwest! Thank goodness for an amazing Photographer Hubby and his awesome lighting and mad camera skills!

The Deanna sweater is an easy sew. Grab yours while it’s still on sale for the intro price!

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