Let me tell you, life with a four-month-old is crazy.

I’m up multiple times a night for feedings and diaper changes. I never know what one day will be like. Will it go smoothly? Will I have a fussy baby and not get anything done?

Regardless of all that uncertainty and hard work — I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Being a wife and mom is the best. I’ve fallen more in love with my husband as I’ve watched him care for our little girl and myself.

In the midst of my new mom life, working part-time and caring for our home, I am managing to find time to pursue sewing projects. I have a few planned out for Christmas as well. I’ll share them here on my blog, so keep an eye out!

A Whole New World

Near the end of November, I discovered a wonderful pattern company called Violette Field Threads. I knew for sure that I would want to buy the Elodie pattern. Then I joined the Facebook group and saw what everyone else was making with the patterns. So much goodness and beauty! Seriously, every day someone posts another dress they have made and I’m like, “I want that pattern, too!”

Violette Field Threads had a great Black Friday Sale and I snagged both the Elodie and the Nora on the first day. Then I kept hanging around the Facebook group … two days later, I had purchased Poppy! (Check them out below … absolutely adorable.)

I determined to make it through the last day of the sale with no purchases. But then they extended the sale! Long story short. I ended up buying two more patterns.

Maybe I need a button at the top of my blog that says “Donate today to help support my sewing addiction!”


Thanks to Violette Field Threads for allowing me to share this photo!

I just love the double skirt of the Nora. Such a sweet little pattern. I spent what felt like forever in the cotton section of JoAnn’s trying to figure out what fabrics to buy to make this dress! I picked out two, walked into the flannel aisle and instantly changed my mind.

In three minutes, I had two other fabrics picked out for the Nora. I’m planning to use the cardinal fabric for the top layer and the plaid for the under layer.



Thanks to Violette Field Threads for allowing me to share this photo!

Elodie was the first Violette Field Threads pattern that I fell in love with. It’s adorable!

This pattern is the reason I even found Violette Field Threads … via a Pinterest Pin of Elodie. Specifically the photo above.

I’m planning to make this pattern up for my baby girl for Christmas. I picked up some remnants from JoAnn’s, and if there’s not enough fabric there, I’ll figure something else out. I’m not 100% sold on what combo to do either … or whether I should switch to different fabric entirely. So … I guess we’ll see. I share what I decide!


Thanks to Violette Field Threads for allowing me to share this photo!

I have seen some of the most adorable Poppy dresses in the Violette Field Threads Facebook Group. Seriously, those ladies amaze me! I love the short puffy sleeves for this one and really appreciate the fact that as my baby grows, the Poppy changes from a dress to a tunic. I love that versatility!

Yes, I have the fabric for this one too. I might have gone on just a bit of a spending spree during the JoAnn sales. These are some of my favorite colors. I saw the floral one first and thought it would be just adorable paired with a solid. I am so excited to sew it!

McCalls 6613

Moving on to other projects on my list … I’ll be making McCall Patterns M6613* button-up shirt for my husband. We picked out the fabric last fall! It’s high time I got it done for him. He prefers snaps, so I’ll be doing that instead of buttons.

Buttercup Bag

Many years ago, I sewed up the adorable Buttercup Bag from Made By Rae.

(This is such an old photo!)

I plan on making another one this year as a Christmas gift to my oldest niece. She’s always hauling her mom’s purse around … it’s time she had her own! This pattern would be perfect for it. The best part — it’s FREE!

Sew Much More!

For gifts, I’m going to be doing a few projects with monograms – including receiving blankets and flour sack towels – keep an eye out! They’ll be fun! I’ll soon be launching a free resource on monograms as well!

So there you have it … a peek at my sewing plans for the near future. Keep an eye out as I’ll be sharing them!


*Affiliate link. What’s an affiliate link? That just means that if you purchase anything through the link, I get a small commission — at no extra cost to you!


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