Sew an easy DIY monogram baby blanket—FREE ebook download
There’s nothing like a special handmade gift to welcome a new life into the world and what better than a DIY monogram baby blanket?! These are such a fun project and I’ve even included a FREE ebook with printable monograms for you at the bottom of this post. 🙂 Enjoy!
This has been the year for babies in my family.
I had my first sweet little girl in August. Then both my sister and sister-in-law had babies in October!
After I gave birth to my little one, I found out that most of the adorable receiving blankets I had were too small. (She is a big baby.) My solution was to make some blankets that were big enough.
This needed to be a simple project for a busy mom with limited time. 
I liked them so much that I decided to make some as gifts for my new nieces. But this time, I added a sweet custom monogram!
Today, I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY monogram baby blanket—and I’ve included a FREE ebook of printable letters to make it easy for you!

What You’ll Need for the DIY Monogram Baby Blanket

For one custom receiving blanket, you’ll need the following supplies.
  • 1 yard of Snuggle Flannel for the main blanket.
  • 1/4 yard of contrast Snuggle Flannel for the monogram (this is PLENTY!)
  • Complimentary or contrasting color thread.
  • Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing and/or Fusible Web
  • Monograms to trace. You can download the free ‘Make it with Monograms’ ebook at the bottom of this post or make your own.
Note that for this project, I use both my sewing machine and my serger. If you don’t have a serger, there are other options for handling the edges of the blanket. I would be happy to do a tutorial on that in the future if you want me to! Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Cutting the Blanket

Take the yard of Snuggle Flannel for the main fabric and cut it into a square. (You can choose to leave it. Nothing wrong with a rectangle!) I do this the easy way by taking one corner and folding it over so that I have a triangle like in the diagram below. Then I cut off the excess. Voila! I have a square.
How to make a simple square from a yard of fabric.
Now, round the corners.
For this, I borrowed a small bowl from my kitchen, lined it up on the corners of my blanket, traced and cut. Easy peasy.
Using a bowl as a template to round the edges of the diy monogram baby blanket.

Sewing the Blanket

For my DIY monogram baby blanket, I chose to use a three-thread narrow hem for the edge of the blanket because I like the way it looks, and it’s easy.

Brother 1034D Serger set up for a narrow three-thread hem.

With my Brother 1034d, I take the following steps for the narrow hem.
  • Remove the left needle.
  • Remove the stitch finger.
  • Set up the serger with three cones or spools of thread.
  • Set the stitch length to R. (See photo. All my other adjustments are normal.)
 Brother 1034D serger settings for a narrow three-thread hem.
You can have a lot of fun with the thread color of the edge. I’ve used colors that blended with the blanket, but I’ve also used colors that POP!
Now that you have your serger settings ready, take the blanket and serge around the edge. Take your time on the corners, they can be tricky. Once you’re done, weave the serger tail into the edge with the needle as shown. That’s it!
 Weaving the ends in on the narrow hem of the diy monogram baby blanket.
At this point, you have a finished receiving blanket. I’ve made multiples like this and love how easy they are. To add a monogram and make it personal, read on.

Cutting the Monogram from the free ebook

Cut a square from your contrasting fabric that is a little bigger than the monogram you have printed.
Prepare the fabric by ironing medium-weight fusible interfacing to the back.
Trace out your desired letter and cut. (Get more detailed instructions in your FREE copy of Make it with Monograms ebook at the bottom of this post.)
Pin or use fusible webbing to hold your monogram in place wherever you want it on your receiving blanket. I chose to put mine in the corner.
Closeup of the prepared monogram on the baby blanket.
Pinning the monogram to the baby blanket to prepare for applique.

Sewing the Monogram

Depending on the machine you use, you may have several options for sewing your monogram.
On my machine, I’ve used the stitches highlighted in green. The ones highlighted in blue are options too. Stitches 40 and 41 on my machine are like a blanket stitch in hand sewing. (But using those for tight curves is a nightmare! Zig-zag is so much simpler.)
Stitch options for the applique of the monogram baby blanket.
Note: If you haven’t done appliqué on a sewing machine, I recommend practicing on some scrap fabric first. It helps to get the hang of how your machine handles the process, especially the curves and corners. Start with a basic zig-zag stitch and branch out from there.
Zig-zag settings:
  • Stitch width – normal
  • Stitch length – 1 or lower. This makes a nice tight stitch very like a satin stitch. Test it out with your machine on a scrap first.
Pick a spot on your monogram to start sewing. I tend to start from the beginning of a long straight stretch.
Go slow and guide the fabric through, making sure the stitch is covering the edge of the monogram.
When you reach a corner, put the needle down, turn the work, and continue on.
Slow and steady is the best. Especially around the curves. Once you are finished, cut the threads and you’re done!
Sweet DIY monogrammed baby blankets.

Make it Your Own

There are so many ways you could customize this and make it more personal. As you may have noticed in the photos, I chose to add my nieces’ names and birth dates to the monogram. My sewing machine has a simple alphabet that allowed me to do that. But, you don’t have to be limited by that. If you add anything to the monogram, do it before sewing it onto the blanket.
Here are some more ideas for hand or machine embroidery:
  • First, middle, last name.
  • Birthdate.
  • Birth weight/height.
  • A special message.
  • Hand or machine embroidery of any kind! Just imagine cute flowers, animals, or sports.

Download the FREE ebook

This is usually where you would see a sign-up form for some email list so you can get your files. But honestly, at the moment I am over email lists and subscriptions because my email inbox is overflowing with stuff I don’t even remember signing up for. I want to spare you that.

If you enjoy what you see here and want to follow me for the latest, I’d love to see you over on Instagram. If you’re only here for the free ebook, download and enjoy! 🙂 I’d love to see pics if you make anything from it! So feel free to tag me over on IG @chipmunkscorner

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