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My Adventure in Sewing Lingerie

During the past year, I’ve ventured into sewing my own lingerie including bralettes. At first, this came about because of a bout of mastitis and the need for a very soft nursing bra. I’ve since learned that I’m mastitis prone and have had several bouts of the awful stuff since. It’s one of my very least favorite things.

Then, I learned that sewing lingerie is actually addictive. It’s detailed and uses techniques that are unique and new to me. All the stuff I love. <3

My first bras were far from pretty … or supportive. But they were comfortable for my new nursing self. Believe me, when you’re a new nursing mom … comfort is everything and you don’t care as much about pretty!

I’ve since made several different bras and will be sharing them in this series of posts.

The Hanna Bralette

The Hanna Bralette from Studio Costura caught my eye several months ago because it is so pretty! I love the elegant design of it. It comes in sizes XS-XL (full bust 34″ to 43″) and the pattern states that it’s designed for A-C cups.

I made this version up with some red lace from Knitpop and black techsheen from Surge Fabric Shop. The elastics came from an Etsy shop called LaceAndTrims. If you need elastic or laces, I highly recommend LaceAndTrims. Their pricing is super fair and the customer service is A+!

The instructions for the Hanna Bralette come with step-by-step photos and were easy enough to follow. It did help that I already knew how to sew on the band elastic. The instructions for that step are just vague enough that they require reading through a couple of times.

The bralette went together easily and I didn’t have any trouble with it.

Whoops! My Uh Oh Moment

But wait … before you think that I made this perfect bralette in one try, let me tell you how I epically failed! 😀

In general, when you sew up a new pattern, it’s best to make a toile (muslin) to check the fit and find out if you need to make any adjustments.

This is never more true than in bra making. A bra is an extremely intimate, close-fitting garment. Every single body is different (a fact that I love!) and has different proportions and fitting needs. If you’re sewing up a loose-fitting garment, you may still need to make adjustments, but it doesn’t have to fit your body like a glove in the same way a bra does. As such, a bra often requires several toiles to get the fit where you want it.

And that, my friends, is where I failed with my first Hanna Bralette. I jumped right in and made my measured size in my pretty laces and fabrics … without making a toile first.

The result is that I have a beautiful bralette that I’m very happy with. A bralette I will never wear because it does not fit properly!

However, I’m a believer that no project is ever a failure. That includes this bralette. Why? Well, because I was able to practice my bra making skills and got a very good reminder to make a toile in the future! So, even though it doesn’t fit, I don’t consider it a waste of time. 🙂

Next Time

My next Hanna Bralette will be a toile. I am going up a cup size and I will be raising the underarm for more coverage. You know muffin top with jeans? Yeah … that’s why I’ll be raising the underarm. There’s some serious muffin going on there!

I’ll look forward to trying this pattern again and getting the fit perfected.

Have you ever made a mistake that was totally silly?

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