My Sister, Hannah, is now a Mrs. The August 8 wedding was picture perfect – even though it came with the normal stress and rushed prep that comes with all weddings. The ceremony and celebration afterward were wonderful.

The weather was a quite warm – and I sunburned early in the day which faded to a tan (thank goodness for aftersun lotion!) by the time the ceremony started. By the time the ceremony ended, some welcome clouds rolled it and cooled things off to a perfect temperature.

Hannah and Macrey made a beautiful couple and they are just about the sweetest pair I’ve ever seen. They shared their first kiss the morning of the wedding – and yes, I cried.

Pre-wedding: I was still sewing on my dress during the drive over to Ephrata – after staying up past midnight many nights to try and finish it after work. ūüôā

I haven’t many photos of Hannah’s, dress – because I have yet to see the photos from the wedding and I was too busy to take any myself. ¬†Besides, it would have been wrong if the Maid of Honor was standing there taking photos during the ceremony!

This is a photo my uncle, David Sams, took of Hannah and her husband Macrey after the wedding ceremony. ¬†I really love this photo. ¬†Hannah looked like a princess and Macrey was so happy. ¬†They are both so sweet and wonderful. ¬†It’s great having a new brother!

The Details:


Hannah’s dress had three layers in the skirt – two sheer overlayers and one satin layer underneath. ¬†The middle sheer layer is a glittery stretch that was really nice under the sheer top layer. ¬† Hannah drew the top two layers up and added lace to the bottom layer so you could see the variations in layers. ¬†The bodice is covered in the same beaded lace that she added on the bottom layer.

imageThe back of the dress is laced up and the bodice is quite fitted. The sleeves are gathered and hand stitched in place over the base. (that took a while, I did that part. Hannah did almost EVERYTHING else. Quite amazing) ¬†The dress looks like something out of a fairy tale and I honestly think she did a wonderful job on it. ¬†(The photos don’t do it justice. I snapped them the night before the wedding with my phone … )

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier wedding. There were so many decorations that made it lovely, country, and homestyle. ¬†The atmosphere was warm and inviting. It had it’s glitches like any other big event – but in one word, it was perfect.


As of now, the two are out travelling the country in Macrey’s truck. ¬†You can see the photos they’ve taken on their photography Facebook Page: Kallstrom Photography.

Keep an eye out for details on my dress to follow. ¬†Since I don’t have photos from the wedding, I am going to *try* and do a photoshoot with my dress soon. ūüôā

What was the biggest sewing project you ever tackled?

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