My little sister is getting married in August!  I am super excited and just a tad overwhelmed because of everything there is to do – including design and sew the wedding dress and dress. (I get to be the Maid of Honor!)

We are planning on doing a mockup of the dress and then moving into the actual dress construction – but before that can happen, we have to know exactly what style my sister wants. We spent some time one evening with her describing what she wanted and me sketching, erasing, and sketching some more.

Wedding Dress - First SketchMy sister would love a circle skirt – or at least 3/4 circle skirt, ankle length.  It will be fashioned of chifon and tulle. The bodice, as shown in the sketch, will have chiffon draping over the shoulders and a lace overlay on the main bodice. We may, or may not, have a decorative draping on the waist.

This will be the first time I’ve designed and/or sewn a wedding gown.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. Corrie! This is exciting! I would LOVE to help you in any way I can- not that I am an expert on any level:) But I have made one wedding dress, you know… BTW I sent you an email the other day and then got to thinking your email may have changed with your blog address- email me if you didn’t get it:)

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