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Here we are in the third week of January and I’m only now getting around to writing about goals. Lol. Yeah, well, I tend to take my time to think about things and ponder them slowly … and I don’t tend to think about the New Year until it’s already here.

The challenges of 2018

Last year was a crazy for me in so many ways. I was (still am) a new, first-time mom, dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety. Honestly, there were some broken relationships and a lot of tension during that time too — yeah, that didn’t help things any either. But, honestly, sewing turned into a form of therapy for me and I did more sewing last year than I have ever done before. I got into the world of PDF patterns and pattern testing. I dove into sewing with many different types of fabrics, woven and knit. I fell in love with sewing at a deeper level.

Hubby took this photo on film shortly after our baby girl was born.

I used to pull out my accordion and play when I needed some stress relief, but that is very difficult with a baby. I can’t practice when she’s sleeping (don’t anybody wake the baby!) and I can’t practice when she’s awake because she wants to help me. She’s so precious! So instead, I sew. Besides, I adore sewing tiny baby things!

So this brings me back to 2019.

This year, I want to learn. I love learning … but there are some things that I want to be very intentional about this year. While there are many, for the sake of this blog, I’ve narrowed it down to three.

1.) Photography

A few months ago, my husband and I started a photography business. He is the photographer (and is absolutely amazing!), but I want to be able to help him. To do that I need to understand more about photography, specifically posing so that I can guide our clients.

A ‘Flat Lay’ photo of a tiny, 3-month size sweater I made this week.

I also want to learn more about flat lay photography and product photography so that I can improve the photos I take of my sewing projects.

2.) Pattern Drafting

Ok, this is a big one. I’m fascinated by how patterns are made and drafted. It’s very mathy … something I’d usually avoid. But I’m finding the mathy/numbers part of it quite interesting.

While I am interested in drafting patterns for women and men, my focus this year is children’s patterns. I would love to, by the end of the year, be able to design and fully draft a pattern for newborn to 2T.

A screenshot of an in-process sewing pattern I’m developing.

To help me reach this goal, I’m currently researching resources and books about drafting for children. If you know of any, let me know in the comments below!

3.) Proper Fitting

As I’ve sewn through this last year, I’ve learned about fitting patterns to my unique body. I love that every body is different and there are so many measurements that affect the fit of a pattern!

I made adjustments to this wrap dress/top that I’m wearing as a cardigan in this photo. My amazing hubby shot this one!

For instance, up until a few months ago, I didn’t know that I was long from the waist to the hip. Well, that explains why high-waisted jeans are never high waisted on me! It’s also helped me understand why certain types of ready to wear clothing don’t fit right. I love knowing this little fact about myself and adjusting sewing patterns accordingly. Since learning that, I’ve made several garments that fit me miles better than anything else.

As fitting and pattern drafting go hand in hand, I want to learn what to look for in a garment and how to identify and fix various fit issues.

Achieving The Goals

There is one resource in particular that I am utilizing at the moment to help with all three of these goals: Bluprint (formerly Craftsy). I’ve shared some of my favorite Craftsy classes before. Usually I would wait for a sale and then purchase a class that I had been eyeing and had never tried their subscription service. Last month, I was looking at a class that was on sale for $20 and seriously considering it … but then I noticed a promo that Bluprint was running and took the bait.

Bluprint has 1,500+ classes — including photography and pattern drafting classes (unfortunately, nothing about drafting for children). I really have enjoyed their selection of sewing classes in particular. Some of my favorite teachers are Alison Smith (I could listen to Alison’s accent for hours!), Beverly Johnson, and Suzy Furrer. I have learned a tremendous amount from these ladies and their classes.

I’ve had the subscription for about three weeks now and just love being able to check out any class I want. I’ve already learned more about photography and pattern drafting. If you haven’t checked out Bluprint, I highly recommend it! They have basic beginner classes through to advanced and a really nice variety of sewing subjects.

I’m building a wishlist of books (in addition to those I already own) to help me on my journey as well, beginning with Metric Pattern Cutting for Children’s Wear and Babywear by Winifred Aldrich. She also has books for women’s and menswear as well. This is an area that I will be continuing to find resources in — I’m very much a book-loving gal. 🙂

What are some resources that have helped you learn things new things?

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