Wow!  It has been a seriously long time since my last blog post. It’s tough not having internet at home and I was sick for a good two months on top of that!

Life has been AMAZING and busy!  Amazing doesn’t mean perfect – because life is never perfect. But wow, God is SO good!   I am an Aunt. 🙂  My little niece or nephew is due in mid-July and I am ever so happy and excited!  I desperately want to sew something for the little one, but I’m not sure what to make.  I’m also currently working on a really big project – keep an eye out because I’ll share it soon!

I recently discovered and have purchased two online sewing courses from them.  I super enjoyed both and want to share them with you.

The Essential Guide to Sewing With Lace

Taught by Alison Smith, who holds an award from the Queen of England for her sewing (!!), The Essential Guide To Sewing With Lace is packed with information and demonstrations for how to sew with all types of lace. Alison shows how to handle seams, zippers, bodice overlays, hems, and more.

This was the first course I took through Craftsy. I specifically picked it because of my big project that I’m working on … it has some lovely guipure lace and I had no idea how to work with it. This course was SO helpful and I keep referring back to it.

Couture Dressmaking Techniques

Because I so enjoyed Alison Smith’s teaching in her lace course, I put all of her courses on my wishlist!  Couture Dressmaking Techniques is amazing. I’ve sewn clothing for a long time and never heard of some of the things she taught.  She talks about underlining (Something I will definitely be using!), boning, sewing curves, balanced darts, and more. The thing I like about these techniques is how many of them can actually help your clothing last longer.  I don’t know about you, but when I put hours into sewing something –  I want it to last!

Another really nice thing about Craftsy is that you can ask the instructors questions – I seriously have asked several questions of Alison and she has gotten back to me very promptly with helpful information.

I am so excited about everything I have learned and look forward to sharing my big project with you!

What are some things you learned about sewing that changed the way you worked?

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