The Amber + Elton Sweater Vest from Made for Mermaids Clueless Collection is such a cute, trendy fall layering piece for kids! Available in sizes 1/2 to 14 for girls and boys. Read more about my thoughts on this easy sewing pattern.

Today’s the day! I’ve been hiding these pictures away, dying to show you for the past few weeks! 

The first part of Made for Mermaids Clueless Collection releases today! This is such a fun, trendy collection of patterns and today’s release includes the Cher and Women’s Cher Skirts, the Dionne and Women’s Dionne Blazers, and the Amber & Elton Sweater Vest.

I am so excited about this collection and happy that I got to be a part of the tester team for Amber & Elton, Cherand Women’s Cher. Because each pattern is so special, I’m dedicating separate blog posts to each!

About Amber & Elton

The Amber & Elton sweater vest is such a classic, versatile piece. Great for layering (yes, it’s that fall time of year!), Amber & Elton is a unisex sweater vest with options; crop length, waist length, top length and the choice of v-neck or crew neck. 

The Amber & Elton Sweater Vest is available in children’s sizes 1/2 to 14.

Photoshop magic helped achieve this shot —
she was being held the entire time she was in the tree.


I made two versions of Amber for the test … my first one is still in temporary time out due to misbehaving fabric. (I know I’m not the only seamstress who puts projects in time out!)

This version though … it’s my favorite because of all the colors. But before I get any further … I need to introduce someone … someone very close to my heart.

This is my precious daughter, Elsie. She is such a bundle of energy and brings such joy to every day! I sew so many things for this girl. I didn’t know how much I would enjoy sewing tiny baby things until I had her — then I was obsessed!

My Version of Amber

Amber is such a quick sewing project! And I love the small amount of fabric it uses! This colorful stripe is a mystery knit from an estate sale. I picked it out of about 40 bins of fabric. The lady who had the fabric initially was a professional seamstress for years. I hope she would like the Amber vest in this fabric as much as I do. 

Based on Elsie’s measurements, I chose to do the 1/2 size waist with the 1 length and chest. This is the waist length, crew neck version.

A crop version is on my list to make soon! (It’s super cute over dresses!)

The pattern was easy to cut out and the instructions were easy to follow. The directions for the bands were just a little different than I’m used to, but I really like the results and have started doing bands that way on other projects. 

We may need to start drum lessons …

I did all my construction on my Brother 1034D Serger and used a small zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine for the top-stitching. I quite like the little bit of character the zig-zag gives the vest. 


I love having this layering option in Elsie’s wardrobe during the transition to cooler weather. It’s perfect for days where she needs just a little more warmth, but a coat or jacket would be too heavy. 

Photoshop magic was also used here … I was holding her the entire time. 🙂

Elsie says, “what are you waiting for? Go get the Amber & Elton pattern!” Well, she may have said something else in baby gibberish … but it translates to that!

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