Girls Cher Skirt from the Made for Mermaids Clueless Collection.

Have you heard? The first part of Made for Mermaids Clueless Collection released today! Fun and trendy, this collection includes the Cher and Women’s Cher Skirts, the Dionne and Women’s Dionne Blazers, and the Amber & Elton Sweater Vest.

I have loved being part of the tester team for Amber & Elton, Cherand Women’s Cher. It was great fun working with the Made For Mermaids team for the first time and I love seeing every tester’s unique take on each pattern.

About Cher

I love the classic look of the Cher Skirt and the options are just adorable. Designed for woven fabrics, Cher is a quarter circle skirt with a side zipper (which was super easy to install thanks to the amazing instructions of the designer!). It has either a plain front view, a placket front with buttons or snaps, and/or fun patch pockets! 

Cher is available in sizes 1/2 to 14. 

My Version of Cher

I currently have two more unfinished Cher skirts on my sewing table just waiting for matching zippers. One is a cute pink corduroy and the other is a sweet little chambray piece with contrast topstitching. For my final, finished version of Cher that I’m showing off today, I used a lovely, plaid woven that I picked up at JoAnn’s many months ago with no idea what to make out of it … until now. 

I made the simple view A, plain front skirt. For the main Cher skirt, you have the option of cutting on the straight of grain or on the bias. I love the drape of a bias cut skirt — and the look of plaid when it is cut this way. 

For Elsie, I graded her Cher skirt from a 1/2 waist to size 1 hips and used the size one length. She’s in cloth diapers, so her hip measurement is always more fluffy. 

Because this fabric was a looser weave, I had trouble with the waistband stretching out. The tutorial for Cher gives interfacing the waistband as an option, and I think that’s an option I’ll take from now on just to keep the size the way it is intended. 

Elsie just started walking when we took these photos … and let me tell you, catching photos of a toddler who has discovered FREEDOM is very difficult! She was ALL over the place enjoying herself.  

The invisible zipper on this skirt is very easy to install. Megan’s instructions are easy to follow and you can use just a regular zipper foot. No special, invisible zipper foot required!


This skirt is just perfect paired with tights for fall. I had a little fun and made Elsie a matching blanket scarf from a square of leftover fabric. Her shirt is actually a modified Paige Piko from Made for Mermaids as well. 

This is currently one of my favorite outfits on her and I’m looking forward to making more of these adorable Cher skirts to layer for fall!

Elsie says, “Have you gotten the Cher Skirt pattern yet? It’s the coolest!” (I translate her baby gibberish all the time.)

Find it at Made for Mermaids.

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