The New Year brings goodbyes to the old and hellos to the new. Often, it includes resolutions, or changes we want to make. As part of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge (Facebook Group), I am challenged to sew something every week. The first week was not sewing, however, but sewing related. The challenge was to organize your sewing space.

Goodness knows, my space needed it!

My hubby and I live in a two-bedroom rented duplex with our daughter — one bedroom ours — the other bedroom is a multipurpose room. Office, changing table, baby clothes, sewing supplies, fabric, craft supplies, leatherwork supplies … you name it, we have it shoved in there. It has stopped me more than once from sewing up a project due to it’s disorganization.

It was time to change that!

My sewing table under ‘Mt. Everest.’

While I didn’t get the entire room reorganized in one week, I made more progress than I ever thought possible. I’ve gone through and purged multiple bags and boxes of unneeded items from the room. Initially, my goal was just to clear off my cutting table so I could do some sewing. That changed to completely moving the room around and making the closet my sewing space.

The closet … before the makeover.

This was definitely a challenge! The closet was packed and largely inaccessible. We had a two drawer file cabinet in the closet — but I could never get into it! Boxes of random stuff was piled everywhere. Stuff that didn’t have a home due to a lack of storage.

So now that you’ve seen the worst, let me show you the progress!

The Closet — after! So much better!

I moved my knit fabrics up on to the closet shelf so I could see them. I keep forgetting which fabrics I have and thought that having them out in plain sight would make it easier to project plan.

I’ve got my leatherwork supplies all in the same place now too! They’re all in storage boxes to the left of my cutting table. Eventually I’ll have a special place for them, but for now, it’s nice having them in one spot.

The cutting table can be pulled out whenever I need it.

I’ve got a tracking sheet for my sewing projects on a clipboard in the closet and my 52 Week Sewing Challenge printed and hanging next to it.

Since I took the previous photos, I have added a magnetic toolbar to my sewing closet. I love this so much! It’s amazing because all the tools I need for cutting patterns are right there by my cutting table and mat.

What are some ways you’ve organized your space? I’d love any tips or tricks you might have!

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