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I’m a first time Mom with a precious ten-month-old … as such, I am very new to everything about raising a baby. Early on, we tried out cloth diapers because my sister-in-law had given me a few. I ended up really liking them and we’ve just stuck with it. Regardless of whether we did cloth or disposable, I’ve recently wanted to start giving baby girl some diaper free time … just so she can get some fresh air. I’ve also become interested in elimination communication. We’ll see how that goes.

Yes. I expect a few messes along the way. We’ll hang out on the kitchen floor during diaper free time. I can tell when she needs to no. 2, so I can catch her before she does that on the floor. I don’t mind wiping up a few puddles while I’m figuring out her cues.

But … I don’t really want her hanging out on the floor butt naked during diaper free time.

Scrundies to the rescue!

Not My First SUAT

A couple years ago I stumbled across Stitch Upon A Time (SUAT). At the time, I kept seeing references in my Facebook groups about these magical things called Bunzies. I had never even thought about making my own underwear before that, but these intrigued me. Everyone was raving about how comfy and easy to make they were. I bought the pattern. Yep … love my Bunzies.

I’ve now made several of their sewing patterns including Women’s Boxerwear (ahhhmazing), Men’s Boxerwear, the Riding Hood and now kid’s Scrundies. I may need to try out the Women’s Scrundies too … as I’ve heard they have a bit of a different fit than the Bunzies.

(Quick Note: The official name of this underwear is Scrundlewear … but everyone I know abbreviates it to ‘Scrundies.’)

Sizing & Details

The Kid’s Scrundies pattern covers ages 12-months to 12-years. With my baby being only nine-months-old, I checked the measurements — which were perfect for the 12-month size!

Scrundies also include a training option so you can make your own training pants. I opted to go for just regular Scrundies, but can see myself making the training version as well.

Sewing the First Pair


I made the first pair out of a navy striped rayon spandex — leftovers from a maxi skirt upcycle. Even as I was sewing them together I was falling in love with how adorably small they were.

Since I had previously made Bunzies, I almost didn’t need to follow the directions for these. I just read through them and went off sewing! That being said, the instructions are easy to follow and this is a simple project. The most challenging aspect is the size– since I chose the 12-month, I was working with very small pieces.  The leg bands, in particular, were challenging, and I ended up with some puckers  — but in a bit I’ll share a tip someone gave me to fix that.  🙂



When I tried the first pair of Scrundies on baby girl, I discovered that rayon spandex is just a little too soft and drapey to easily get on a very wiggly baby … but the fit was spot on!

Our first diaper free time lasted about five minutes before there was a puddle on the kitchen floor. That’s when my tired mom brain realized I definitely needed to make more than one pair. If I’d had a spare, I could have just cleaned up, put baby in a new pair, and been good for a while longer.


Sew More Scrundies!


The next day, I cut out three more pairs of Scrundies. This time, I used a floral Doodles knit from JoAnns for the main body of the undies.

Note: if you use Doodles, it shrinks like crazy. Pre-washing on hot and drying on hot is an absolute must — I lost about 1/3 of a yard due to shrinkage. 

For the bands, I used a nice XXL Walmart tank that I picked up on clearance for $1. Now that will give me tons of 12-month size bands!

I sewed these together assembly-line style, with just one change to how I handled the bands.

When I shared my first pair of Scrundies with the Stitch Upon A Time Facebook Group, a lovely lady named Meredith suggested that I sew the leg bands on before stitching up the side seams. Light bulb moment. Genius!

Now, the only, slight, downside to this approach is that the seams probably won’t match up perfectly … but it makes construction SO much easier that I consider it totally worth it. I can get them matched up close enough and they still turn out really nice.

I love this set of three Scrundies and this fabric is better for putting on a wiggly baby with minimal effort.

Pattern Overview

Things I liked: 

Fit: Going with baby’s measurements, the pattern fit was spot on. It’s not tight or binding around the legs or the belly and fits nicely over her little bum.

The Pattern/InstructionsThe pattern includes layers so you can pick just the size you want. It also includes a print chart so you know exactly which pages you need to print based on the size/options you are going to sew up. The measurements for the bands are right on the back pattern piece so you don’t have to look them up. I love having that kind of thing included so I can just cut my pieces all together without having to go back to the instructions. I can’t say anything about pattern assembly as the 12-month size is small enough that I didn’t have to glue any pages together. WIN!

Construction: The construction of the Scrundies is really straightforward and simple … especially with the slight modification of sewing the leg bands on before sewing the side seams.

They’re a GREAT scrap buster!

Things I Didn’t Like: 

Construction: Sewing the tiny leg bands in the round, but that was fixed by slightly changing up the order of construction.

Honestly, there’s not much to dislike about sewing tiny Scrundies. 🙂

Sew ALL The Scrundies

There are definitely more baby Scrundies in my near future. Making several at a time works really well and is more efficient than just making one pair. They’re awesome for using up scraps. And seriously, there’s something absolutely adorable about teeny, tiny, baby undies.

I love that the pattern goes all the way from size 12-month to 12-years old. My baby will have mommy-made scrundies for life!



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