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Last year, I sewed up the Valentina coat from Violette Field Threads. There were a couple firsts for me in this project!

• First time sewing a coat.
• First time sewing with Luxe Fleece.

If you’ve followed my blog (but especially my Instagram), you know I like Violette Field Threads. (See the Poppy Dress and the Nora Dress.) Violette Field Threads is the pattern company that launched me into the world of PDF Patterns.

Sizing & Details

Valentina is a dress coat with a fun, stylish high-low hem. The skirt comes in two lengths, short and long. You can use buttons or snaps for the closure and it comes with an optional sash for the waist. It has a cozy funnel collar to finish it off.

The pattern is for sizes 2-10 years. Violette Field Threads recently released Valentina in Tween Sizes and it’s available in doll size as well.

At the time I made Valentina, my baby girl, Elsie, was six-months-old. I made the smallest size, 2T. I was probably a little premature making this because she looked like a tiny bundle that couldn’t move when I tried it on her!

Sewing My Valentina

Having never made a coat before, I was (maybe) a little intimidated by this one. But, I decided to give it a go and take it step-by-step.

The instructions are easy to follow. There were some moments that I tried to overthink them, but I learned through the process to trust the instructions. The designers knew exactly what they were doing and if I followed the instructions, the coat would turn out perfect, even if the step they were asking sounded crazy. Given that I was using a very thick Luxe Fleece, I also did some research for tips on sewing with it which helped immensely.

With some creativity, I managed to squeeze this out of a yard of fleece. I lined it with some of the same adorable snuggle flannel I used for my daughter’s first Christmas Nora Dress.

Note: snuggle flannel is not my favorite … it tends to pill, something I didn’t know at the time.

I chose to do the short skirt, but the long skirt is quite stunning and is on my list to make!

I did hidden snaps for this version of Valentina, but I think buttons would be adorable! The instructions use hidden snaps behind buttons so you don’t have to deal with buttonholes if you don’t want to!

I will note that for this particular coat, I did not topstitch or edgestitch. It just wasn’t the look I was going for. However, as you can see in the photo above, I under-stitched the lower hem. I’m not sure if it actually made a difference in the coat, it’s just what I chose to do at the time.

Pattern Overview

Things I liked: 

Fit: I can’t really comment on the fit of this coat … yet. My baby girl is still a smidge small for it at 18 months old. I expect it to fit soon though! (Hopefully not in the middle of summer!)

The Pattern/Instructions: The pattern includes layers so you can pick the size you want. It also includes a print chart so you know exactly which pages you need to print based on the size/options you are going to sew up. This is a paper consuming pattern! There are just so many details, etc, that it takes up quite a few pages. Just something to be aware of. It’s not a trimless pattern. I personally prefer trimless, but I know not everyone does.

Construction: I really enjoyed the construction process of the Valentina Coat. There were times where I read the instructions and thought, What in the world does that do? But I followed them anyway and it turned out great. It was a new experience for me to make a coat and, honestly, I loved it!

Things I Didn’t Like: 

Pattern Assembly: Putting ALL THOSE pages together. It’s probably not that bad … but pattern assembly is probably my least favorite part about sewing. Though, that does depend on the day and my mood. Sometimes it’s relaxing!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to try out a fancy coat, I do recommend the Valentina. It’s stylish and, if you haven’t made a coat before, it will grow your skill in a fun way. Check out the Violette Field Threads Facebook Group and do a search for Valentina. There are so many wonderful versions and so many fabrics that can be used!

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