With my little sister’s wedding set for August, there is much to do: sewing the wedding dress and my Maid of Honor dress are two of the items on the list.

Until today, I hadn’t even gotten around to looking for inspiration for my dress.  We have begun the process of my Sister’s dress, and I will keep you all updated as we move forward.

There are a handful of things I will design into my dress, so the following images don’t necessarily reflect that. Those elements include:

  • A circle skirt or 3/4 circle skirt.
  • A v-neck – as it would be most flattering for the style of jewelry I have for the wedding.
On to the inspiration!

You can click on any of the images to be taken to the Pinterest posting. 

MoH Dress Inspiration 1MoH Dress Inspiration 2MoH inspiration 8

I love how these dresses have the lace overlay.  My dress will be all one color – turquoise – but I still really like the idea even if the lace is the same color.

MoH Inspiration 3

I really like the waist of this dress, and the option for adding a second decorative skirt.

MoH Inspiration 4

I really like the style of this bodice, the shape of the neckline and collar.

MoH inspiration 5Love the bodice and neckline style on this one!


I really like the sheer over layers and the way the back drapes into a cowl style.


The cowl neckline in the back of this dress has a really pretty accessory designed in!

As you can see, I have a penchant for the vintage era of the 50’s. 🙂

I’m also playing with the idea of having the bodice separate from the skirt – but matching so they look like a dress. That way, I would be able to wear the skirt on it’s own later.

So many ideas! What do you think? Any advice?

Which inspiration was your favorite?

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