WARNING: If you are my sister’s fiance, read no further!  Top Secret photos and info are below!

Last Saturday was completely crazy.  I tend to gain weight when stressed, and I didn’t realize that I am not quite the same measurements I used to be.  (I’m still not used to being in my late 20s! There was a time when I never gained weight, what happened? lol.) This caused more stress when I looked a the sewing pattern I shared last week and realized my size wasn’t on there!

This was after working on my sister’s underskirt for her dress. I had added an extra layer of tulle to make it more ‘poofy’ and realized that I needed to undo everything I had done because it was lopsided. . .  . ooops. . . .   So, I had decided to move on to something that would go well – my dress.   That didn’t happen.  🙂

I ended up at driving out to Hancock Fabrics to look for a sewing pattern – yes, a new sewing pattern as I had gone through my entire stash and found nothing that I felt would work for the fabric I had.   This is the first dress I have sewn for an important event, the first dress on a deadline . . . and it’s also the first dress I have been completely scared to start work on.  Seriously – scared.  It’s a strange dynamic that I haven’t experienced before.

Dress-patternAfter spending an hour going through pattern books at Hancock Fabrics, I found what I thought was a good pattern for the dress. It looked flattering and straightforward.  I admit to leaving with more patterns than one (Butterick were on sale for $1.49!!!).   It’s not everyday you go to the fabric store and have the cashier tell you that you saved $90+!!   I bought about 5 patterns in all – the Vogue 8997 pattern for my dress being the most expensive, but still on sale for $5.

Saturday was an extremely long day – but it ended well as Handsome Best Friend took me out to the Rocket Market to enjoy dinner and music by Lyle Morse.  Relaxing and enjoyable. 🙂

I don’t remember which day I began cutting out the dress, but it was then that I realized how much ease was built in and began doing math (which isn’t my forte).  I still haven’t checked, but I now have a sneaky suspicion that my original dress pattern may have worked. . . . oh well.  Thus far, I have all the lining cut out – and I have realized that this dress has a ton of pattern pieces.  I have a lining, and the top fabric. The lining alone was 16 pieces, the top fabric will be 16 pieces, then I’ll need another lining layer for the bodice which will be 8 pieces.  Insane.  I’ve got the main lining cut out – and barely.  I had 3 yards of  lining fabric (in hindsight I should have bought more) and I somehow managed to get the entire dress cut out – for a while there, I wasn’t sure, but God answers prayer!

Dress-piecesHere you can see my lining pieces laid out with sticky note numbers on my polka dot yard sale ironing board. 🙂

I plan on cutting out the entire dress and then starting the sewing – I sure hope my math is right.  I don’t have time to create a muslin version of the dress. My schedule is slightly insane. 🙂

In other news, my sister has done amazing things with her wedding dress and it’s coming along very nicely!  I have a spoiler picture to share!

Wedding-DressDoesn’t she look amazing?  This was before we laced the back up.  The dress also has an invisible zipper tucked into the side to make it slightly easier to get in and out of. She has three layers in the skirt and is going to draw the top two up on the front side for interest.  She has put so much work into this. I’m so proud of her – as she has tacked a project with techniques and fabric that she has never used before.

Oh yes, the big TV.  That is a new addition this week. (a friend of Handsome Best Friend gave it to him and we’re keeping it at my place) As you can see, Highlander cat is quite fascinated by it.  If there’s a movie playing and I move in front of where he’s sitting (on the chair) he starts meowing.  It’s really hilarious!

The wedding is two weeks away and there’s so much to do! It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

Stay tuned for further updates. 🙂

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