Wow!  Time is running out and I’m feeling the crunch.  My sister’s wedding is in less than a month!

DSC00348I’ve been kept so busy at work (even working some weekends) that I haven’t had time or energy to even start my dress.  But, in spite of that, I’m getting closer.  I have the fabric, I have a sewing pattern to base it on!

I found this lovely fabric at JoAnn’s – and I had a coupon!  It’s a sheer with a cool nubby texture to it. Love the pattern. 🙂 It’s super flowy too.

The lining fabric was found on super sale at Hancock Fabrics – I ended up paying about $5.00 for 3 yards!  It has a really nice feel to it as well, not like the stiff plasticy linings I’ve seen.   It’s an outdoor wedding in August – I want to be comfortable!

DSC00347I found this McCall’s pattern on sale at Hancock Fabrics for $1.99.  Totally an affordable price. The design I’m going to use (and modify a little) is the purple dress in the top center.  The long skirt is too long, but the short version is too short – so I will make it perfect. 🙂  My dress won’t end up the same exact style as McCall’s, as I have a couple variation ideas I want to do.

imageThis is one idea I had and sketched out, though I sketched the skirt longer than I plan.  I’m thinking mid calf or just below the knee for my skirt.

As of this morning, I’ve almost decided that I want a contrasting waist band/ribbon/belt/tie thing that would add some pretty variation and texture contrast to the main fabric.

Keep an eye out – looks like I start sewing tomorrow!

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